Generals in the Spotlight

March 24, 2017 by

The Generals in the Spotlight are two First-years, Kit Hamill and Caroline Coppinger.

Kit played in seven games for the Generals as a first year, making the move from defender to a central holding midfield position. Kit reads the game well, is a neat passer of the ball and we anticipate a solid spring season, so that she may establish herself in the Generals midfield for 2017.

Caroline (Coppy) played in all 20 games for the team as a first year from IMG Academy. Caroline played in central midfield and put her athleticism, grit and determination to good use for the team this year. We are expecting Coppy to continue to compete for spots in central midfield and become an excellent player for the Generals in 2017 when she adds a couple of key components to her overall game.

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Generals in the Spotlight: Pennsylvania natives

March 3, 2017 by

Generals in the spotlight are two players from Pennsylvania, First year, Hannah Dodds and Sophomore Megan Engeland.

Hannah Dodds is a central defender from Bryn Mawr, PA that appeared in 17 games as a rookie. Hannah is an accomplished defender, calm under pressure, with an excellent understanding of the game. Hannah will be a very important player for the Generals next year as she takes her game to the next level.

Megan Engeland is a central midfield player from Yardley, PA that was an ever present in the team last year. Megan scored 10 goals from midfield and for her efforts received Conference Player of the Year accolades.

Megan is a fierce competitor with a knack for scoring very important goals for the Generals. We look forward to her continued development on and off the field.

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Generals in the Spotlight: The Kelseys

February 24, 2017 by

On this Friday morning, the Generals in the Spotlight are two of the Kelseys on the team, Kelsey Jervis and Kelsey Chamberlin. They are both from North Carolina.

Junior, Kelsey Jervis, is from Charlotte, NC. Kelsey Jervis majors in psychology and says she loves Washington and Lee because she enjoys being surrounded by people who value their school work and appreciate the opportunities that W&L provides. Currently, Kelsey is studying abroad in Spain.

Kelsey Chamberlin is a freshman from Greensboro, NC. Chamberlin would like to have dinner with her friend in Belgium who she rarely gets to see and star forward for Team USA, Alex Morgan. Kelsey Chamberlin is a lefty forward and we expect great things out of her for the upcoming 2017 season.

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Senior Generals in the Spotlight

February 21, 2017 by

Today’s Generals in the Spotlight are two seniors from Virginia, Tricia Jessee and Ashley Hogan.

Tricia Jessee is from Roanoke, Virginia and will be graduating this coming May with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Tricia says her favorite thing to do is order pizza and watch her favorite movie, Talladega Nights. Jessee finished her college career competing in 66 matches all while registering 42 goals and 14 assists.

Senior, Ashley Hogan is from Richmond, Virginia and will be graduating in May with a degree in accounting and business administration. Ashley’s favorite food is mac and cheese and will be attending the University of Virginia in the fall, pursuing a Master’s Degree.

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February 17, 2017 by

The Generals in the spotlight today are both first-years from Virginia, Emily Roche’ and Kelsey Anderson.

Emily Roche’ hails from Ashburn, Virginia, where she likes to listen to her favorite band, The Killers. Emily has shown lots of character and poise in her time playing on the back line this past season.

Kelsey Anderson is from Alexandria, Virginia, which is where the hit TV series, The Walking Dead, takes place. Kelsey plans to major in math and says she loves everything about Washington and Lee University. This freshman forward is a lefty and has speed. We are expecting great things from Kelsey next year.

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Southern Californians in the Generals Spotlight

February 15, 2017 by

The Generals in the spotlight today are two Southern Californians, senior Katie Pettit and sophomore Danielle Spickard.
Katie Pettit, from San Diego will be graduating in May with a degree Economics and minor in environmental studies. Katie’s leadership on and off the field will be greatly missed next year.
Danielle Spickard, a sophomore from Valencia, California is majoring in accounting and finance. She is a big contributor in the midfield and has a huge soft spot for her LA Kings NHL team.

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February 13, 2017 by

Leeann Passaro is a first-year goalkeeper from Upper Saddle River, N.J. Passaro comes to the Generals after spending her high school career at The Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. Leeann is a three-year letter winner and helped her Lawrenceville team to the 2014 and 2015 conference championships. Check out leeanns-profile for some fun facts.

PRE-SEASON IS OVER: It’s about to get real.

September 2, 2016 by


warm upIt seems like we have been in pre-season for about a month already but then after watching the team play today it looks like I recruited players from the island of misfit toys. I am of course just kidding. It has been an exceptional training camp and the players, new and old have worked extremely hard to get us to the point of our first real competition.

We have stressed the need to compete during this
first couple of weeks: with yourself, teammates and this weekend with the opposipooltion. I feel confident that we will rise to the occasion and play very well this weekend.

Our challenges have been very real. We have 11 first year players (I think some of them may have played before, but for others it may be their first actual year) and it is always a challenge to bring in a big class and fuse it with some tough and ultra competitive veterans. Our first year’s have been well educated so far and they have not even attended a class yet.

seniorsOur senior class has been stellar and provided a thoroughly enjoyable working environment for all and as the Head Coach I have to say it has been a very smooth pre-season indeed. Returning players came in fit and ready for the challenge of competing for a conference title and our rookies just follow along like minions eager to please.

First day fitness test saw a new standard as junior Olivia Hunter and rookie Kelsey Chamberlin beat the previous record set by Erin Harvey just last year. They were closely followed by Becca Morris and Caroline Peters and signs were very positive. I will refrain from mentioning the bottom of the list because some of those characters have since redeemed themselves and are now allowed to eat with the team and not have to rely on Tricia Jessee’s pizza crusts. It’s
all about improvement!
The week and a half has consisted of hard soccer training sessions, video breakdown sessions, lectures on “life”, great food in the D-hall and off campus at some of our favorite places (Franks and Blue Sky) Ice baths, treatment sessions for hang nails and twisted socks, individual meetings and progress reports, Croquet parties, ice cream socials, movie nights, strolls on the Chessie Trail, meetings with faculty advisers, picking classes advice from the veterans, off campus housing tours, upper division housing tours, and I am sure lots of other stuff that coaches don’t get invited to.


  1. Eight of the top 10 performers in the fitness test were returning players.
  2.  The team has broken the record for the most strawberries consumed in a week.
  3. We have so far absolutely managed to be “all-in” every daygnome
  4. Seniors have been magnificent. KP, Clem, Hollister, TJ and Nugget; thanks for a great start
  5. We are undefeated
  6. Chandler Wickers is a GNOME (oops) Chandler Wickers wins the Gnome! Typo….
  7. Caroline Hahn wears her practice gear the right way around all week
  8. Kelsey Jervis has kicked every player thus far and clearly has me and the trainer in her sights.
  9. Practice uniforms are really good looking
  10. The new fields are excellent

Excited to compete this weekend with this group and see where we stand and more importantly see where we will finish in a few months.


Coach Neil






Gennies do some community work

May 18, 2016 by

Katie Pettit rallied some players and gave a little back to our campus community this week. After two weeks of rain and thunderstorms, the generals finally had a chance to volunteer at Washington and Lee’s back campus garden. This half acre garden grows vegetables and herbs used by both the W&L dining services and Campus Kitchens. It also has two resident ducks! (Apparently one is rather aggressive). The highlights include Syd and Megan planting a row of tomatoes, Kelsey and Carol raking out manure, and KP, Becca, and Peters being the ultimate weeders. Overall a very fun experience!




April 21, 2016 by

On Saturday April 9th three of us seniors (Addie, Meaghan, and Becca) took a break from “studying” for finals to participate in the Conway Cup, a benefit soccer tournament for ALS. Here’s a quick recap of our performance: Thanks to our teammates for joining us.

Games 1 and 2:

We walked onto the Liberty Hall fields (“the ones by the law school?” – senior-who-will-remain-unnamed) accompanied by a blizzard. Yes, in April. The first whistle blew before the rest of the team arrived and the youngins’ (KP and Liv) were ready to go… but for the seniors, their hearts wanted to play that full 25 but their bodies were telling them NO. Fortunately, the rest of the group hustled in just in time. About 5 minutes in, Meaghan went down for a tackle (which she won) but at the cost of pulling a groin…you don’t need two of those, right? Shortly there after Becca played a forbidden square pass (NO SQUARE PASSES, DUNNY!!!).

  • Results: Two draws.
  • Energizer Bunny award: Becca Morris
  • Referee: Biased for the other team
  • Morale Level: “We are just as good as everybody else!”

Game 3:

After a quick break at DHall, we returned, stomachs full (too full), for game number 3. Meanwhile, Meaghan was taking an exam (wait it’s exam week?) and the boys vacated for a cook out. Despite players down, the generals came out flying and quickly went up by 3.

  • Highlights: KP had a hat-trick, Dunny hit one top shelf, Olivia made a record number of tackles, and Addie enjoyed a sandwich in the goal.
  • Energizer Bunny award: Still Becca Morris
  • Results: 6 – 0
  • Referee: Not biased
  • Morale Level: “ON TOP OF THE WORLD”
  • Disclaimer: Opponent was a highschool girl’s team…

Game 5: (skipping game 4…#notbitter)

Next up, VMI cadets. But don’t let the uniforms fool you, they were sub-par. Despite the fact that no one could feel any of their limbs, the generals brought all they had left to the game. They clenched the W, outscoring the VMIs 6 to 1. VMI were such sore losers they insisted that we go into a PK shootout. After 1000000 pks later (one notably scored by Addie – this is surprisingly not a joke) we finally were determined winners.

  • Highlight reel:
    • KP took down a 250 lb, 6’2 burly man and came out with the ball
    • In the last minute, Meaghan had to hobble off due to an aggressive toenail injury (miraculously all is still in tact, although slightly)
    • Addie invented a revolutionary save technique – trapping the ball with her face from feet away
    • Dunny decided to spectate for this one (something about some extra studying on the sidelines?)
    • And Becca Morris didn’t shed a drop of sweat and still had a smile on her face the whole time. Does that girl ever get tired??

Overall, even though we can barely walk right now, we are really happy we participated in this event. It reminded us of how much we love this sport and how much we miss playing every day. Special thanks to Professor Dickovick for putting the team together! You’re the true MVP.

-Addie, Meggo, and Dunny

Conway Cup