Generals Women’s Soccer 2018: Day 1

August 19, 2018 by

The end of a long, but enjoyable first day of pre-season is officially in the books. After a day of meetings Friday to discuss player and program expectations, soccer style of play and some sport psychology thrown in for good measure, I think everyone was ready for some physical component to pre-season. Coach Tattie tried to convince me to just take everyone 5 miles from campus and drop them in the woods and say figure out how to get home, (Philly girls are tough) but the voice of reason (me) decided on a more beneficial way, a 7am fitness test.

Clearly some of our players had been coddled over the summer months because they asked if the AM after 7 was a misprint. The Coaching staff got up early to mark out a field that simulated the way we all used to train (uphill both ways), and it was a perfect misty, rainy morning in Lexington, VA.

Session 1: 7am FITNESS TEST

Team showed up in their nice new practice uniforms designed by the senior class, clearly believing in the “look good feel good” creed. After we had discussed why Elle’s foam roller was consumed by her dog, and why Annie’s had turned blue over the summer it was down to business. Soccer Syd started us off with a speech about how numbers will not define you or us as a team (weird for an engineering kid to say numbers are not important), but the message was perfect for the occasion. Fitness test ensued, results and attitude showed great promise and Hannah Dodds (Doddsy) posted a new high score for the program. Congrats Doddsy!


Session 2: Internships and Networking (grown up stuff)

This summer some of our players had opportunities to develop their passions and take a look at what the world post graduation may or may not look like. Many of them did some amazing internships so we took some time to discuss those as a group, allowing each person to present a recap of their various summer projects.

Nice work Caroline Peters, Kelsey Anderson, Laney Smith, Kit Hamill, Leeann Passaro, Syd Abrisz, Caroline Bailey, Hannah Dodds and Caroline Coppinger.


Session 3: Introduction to Playing Style

After naps on our mats and with our blankets close at hand it was time to get after it on the actual soccer field and try to build up to playing 11v11 full field for some of practice. We had covered the theory the day before and now it was time to put that into practice. Megan Engeland talked to the group at the field about how the Philadelphia Eagles won the Superbowl in a classic underdog story and so the seeds were sown. (whispers of who are the eagles faded off as we got down to work)

A really thought-provoking session by the team, players worked extremely hard, set a great standard and Captains and seniors led magnificently. (notice i am not talking about the quality of soccer, ha ha) A good session and plenty to work on tomorrow. We even scored a couple of goals in practice which is a bonus. (Syd von Rosenberg, Megan Engeland and Kristen Castle) Highlight of the session for me was seeing Natalie Choo back in action. Welcome back officially to real action, Nat.


Session 4: Book Club: “Energy Bus” by Jon Gordon

This summer I read a book (yes coaches can read and it was not a picture book) and I thought it would be a perfect book to read as a team during pre-season. Great resource for teams, managers of people and to be honest anyone. We furnished everyone with their own copy and each evening the players read a few chapters and then some players lead a discussion on what they read and try to connect it back with the team. Seniors did a really god job of initiating the conversation and to be honest it was extremely insightful conversation and went better than I imagined. Lots of sharing, voices being heard and valued and a lot of food for thought.

Thanks for reading. This was completed at 2:09am after a very long day so cut me some slack!



Generals Women’s Soccer Celebrates NCAA Division III Week

April 5, 2018 by

This week we recognize NCAA Division III Week. According to the NCAA, Division III Week is “a positive opportunity for all individuals associated with Division III to observe and celebrate the impact of athletics and of student-athletes on the campus and surrounding community.

To celebrate this week, we reached all the way out to Australia, where we find W&L rising seniors Megan Engeland and Danielle Spickard studying abroad for the semester. We asked them to explain why they chose to play Division III soccer.

Megan Engeland: I chose Division III because I wanted to play soccer at a competitive level while also having a well-rounded college experience. Playing Division III soccer has given me the opportunity to participate in other clubs and activities, such as Relay for Life and Habitat for Humanity, which have been wonderful experiences to meet new people and give back to the community. It has also given me ample time to focus on my studies, participate in research on campus, and prepare for graduate school. Soccer at W&L has been a major contributor to my experience thus far, but it hasn’t been the sole contributor, and that’s exactly what I wanted when I was deciding where to go for college. Playing Division III soccer has allowed me to be part of a hard-working, dedicated team while also giving me the freedom to pursue my passions off the field. I can’t imagine a better, more complete college experience than that which Division III has given me.
Danielle Spickard: The reason I chose DIII was because I wanted the opportunity to take advantage of all college has to offer, while still playing soccer at a competitive university. I get to represent the school and the sport that I both love so much. At W&L I’ve been able to not only balance schoolwork and soccer, but I’ve become involved in a multitude of other activities as well. I’ve joined Greek life, am involved in clubs such as Beta Alpha Psi, Relay for Life, and Take Two, and am able to take a variety of classes outside of my major. Probably the greatest perk of DIII has been my ability to study abroad—and I’ve been fortunate enough to be spending the current semester in Sydney, Australia. DIII has given me a complete college experience.
Megan and Danielle – adventures while abroad

How do I get recruited to Washington and Lee?

March 29, 2018 by

We are often asked by prospective student athletes and their parents a myriad of questions concerning the best way to be recruited. We wish there was one simple answer. I hope that this will serve as a guide for a recruit for the women’s soccer team.

Frequently Asked Questions

From what states do you typically recruit?

There is no specific state or region that we find players. The 2018 team will have players representing 17 different states. This includes players from AL, AR, AZ, CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD, NC, NJ, OH, PA, TN, TX, and VA.

What type of club background do I need to have to play at W&L? 

There is no specific criteria of level or club that we recruit. Currently we have players from nearby ECNL teams, like Emily Roche (McLean ECNL, VA) and Kristen Castle (Maryland United ECNL, MD) as well as players from soccer clubs across the country, like Danielle Spickard (Simi Valley Soccer Club, CA) and Sydney von Rosenberg (Classics Elite, TX).

 What tournaments do you attend?

Our recruiting destinations change each year.  The 2017/18 season has seen us attend Bethesda Premier Cup (MD), CASL (NC), Sanford ECNL (FL), and Jefferson Cup (VA). We are currently scheduled to attend the following showcases: Phoenix ECNL (AZ), Cincinnati Blue Chip (OH), PDA ECNL (NJ), Texas Shootout (TX), and Surf Cup (CA).

Do you recommend attending ID Clinics or Camps?

Yes! We recruited 21 players on our current roster through our summer camp, fall clinic and spring clinic. Current sophomore Kelsey Anderson describes her recruiting process: “I remember coach attending one of my games at a tournament. After that I came to summer camp (2014) leading into my junior year of high school. I then also attended spring clinic (2015) and the fall clinic (2015) of my senior year. Getting to camp gave me a real connection to the coaches, players, and school. I remember really liking the players that worked camp. I also enjoyed spending all that time on campus, it allowed me to see what it’s really like here and I knew I wanted to be a part of the W&L community.”



Rising Junior, Kelsey Anderson


Do you still have roster spots for your 2019 class?

Yes! We do not have any commitments for the 2019 class. We will not look to have players commit until after the completion of their junior year of high school and our ID Camp, June 17-20, 2018.

What do you look for in a Prospective Student Athlete?

We are looking for well-rounded players that fully embrace the role of student athlete. We want students that will thrive in a rigorous and challenging academic environment. As soccer players, you must be technically and tactically proficient and be able to adapt to a variety of systems of play. Recruits will be of high character, coachable and exemplify what it means to be a good teammate. We look for student athletes that want to compete, love the game and people that can add value to our program.

Mailing Card Picture

Rising Senior Megan Engeland celebrating with teammates after scoring a goal

Can your players study abroad?

Yes, we strongly encourage it. The beauty of playing Division III soccer at Washington and Lee is the chance to pursue many things. Travel and studying abroad are amazing  opportunities. Currently we have two players (Megan Engeland, 2019 and Danielle Spickard, 2019) in Australia and one player (Caroline Peters, 2019) in Barcelona, Spain.


If you have any questions about what it takes to be recruited to play soccer at Washington and Lee email or call the coaches:

Neil Cunningham:; (540) 458-8056

Anna-Kate DePaolo:; (540) 458-8083


Generals in the Spotlight: Caroline Peters in Barcelona, Spain.

March 7, 2018 by

Junior Caroline Peters from Charlotte, NC to Lexington, VA now to Barcelona, Spain! Check out what Peters has been up to as she spends this winter term studying abroad!

–Winter Term Abroad- Barcelona, Spain

I am so lucky to be currently studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain! I have been here for about a month now, but I still feel as though I learn more about the city every day. It has been amazing to see all the beautiful and historic sites the city has to offer. My favorite places so far have been La Sagrada Familia (less than a 10-minute walk from my apartment), Park Guell, the Arc de Triomf, and the Gothic Quarter. Being here in Barcelona has made me realize how much I take walking for granted back at home. Not only does the mild weather make walking pleasant, but walking also allows me take in and see so much of the city. I cannot wait to explore the rest of Barcelona over the next 3 months here!

The past two weekends I have travelled to Paris and Prague. Seeing the Eiffel Tower in person was definitely a highlight and probably an experience I’ll never forget. For anyone ever travelling to Paris I recommend visiting Montmartre; it’s a little town at the top of a mountain with a beautiful cathedral and a great view of the entire city. In Prague I walked through the Old Town Square and explored the Prague Castle. The city’s architecture was breathtaking.


I think my favorite part of travelling so far has definitely been the food!! Being able to try authentic foods from different places and experience the cultures around Europe has been so stimulating, and I am so excited to continue exploring and traveling around Europe! Barcelona is so amazing, but I am also looking forward to being back with my teammates in Lexington next fall!




Generals in the Spotlight:Clemmons and Hunter

May 22, 2017 by

Graduating Senior Captain and Defender, Katie Clemmons is from Phoenix Arizona. Katie played for SC DEL SOL before joining the Generals. Katie competed in 67 career games, starting in 61 of them as a part of the backline. As a Defender, Katie is a very dedicated player who put in countless hours outside of practice to become a better player. Katie’s leadership and voice on and off the field will be greatly missed next season.

Rising Senior, Olivia Hunter is from Tallahassee, Florida. Olivia played club soccer for Lake Norman Soccer Club. Olivia has played in 49 collegiate games, starting in 27 of them. Olivia’s primary position is defender but will at times play in the forward position. Olivia is a hardworking individual who gives it her all day in and out. I predict 2017 to be Liv’s best to date.

For more fun facts about these two ladies, click on clem and hunter Profile.

Generals in the spotlight: Morris and Abrisz

May 19, 2017 by

The Generals in the spotlight today are rising Senior, Becca Morris and rising Junior Sydney Abrisz. Both ladies are currently studying abroad.

Rising Senior, Rebecca “Becca” Morris is from Nashville, Tennessee. Becca played with Tennessee Soccer Club before coming to Washington and Lee. As a forward, Becca has played in 31 games for the Generals, recording five goals and five assists. Becca is a leader on and off the field and was selected to be a Captain for the upcoming season.  Becca’s hard work and speed will be valuable attributes for the team as we look to repeat as champions.

Rising junior midfielder, Sydney Abrisz, is from Chesterfield, Virginia and the highly competitive Richmond Kickers Club.  Sydney is very creative and smooth with the ball at her feet and has made tremendous strides in the off-season to improve. We expect great things out of her for the 2017 season.

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Generals in the Spotlight

May 17, 2017 by

Senior Captain and center back, Hollis Tardy from Dallas Texas played in 70 games, starting in 58 during the course of her four years at Washington and Lee. Hollis recorded 9 goals and 1 assist for a total of 19 points. In Hollis’ four year career, she played all across the back and also in central midfield. Hollis’ leadership, poise and competitiveness in the center of our defense will be a great loss next year.

Chandler Wickers is a junior forward from Portola Valley, California. Wickers played with MVLA before coming to to W&L. Chandler has played in 52 games, starting in 35. She is equally at home as a forward and also in central midfield. Chandler will be a senior this year and is looking to repeat the success the team had this past season.

For more fun facts about Chandler and Hollis click on Chandler Wickers and Hollis Tardy Profile

Generals in the Spotlight: Kristen Castle and Caroline Peters

April 4, 2017 by

Junior Caroline Peters played in all twenty games for the Generals, starting in eighteen of those contests. “Peters” registered five goals and seven assists, finishing third on the team in points with seventeen. Peters is a versatile forward and a difficult matchup for opponents with her speed and ability to take players on down the wing. Caroline has an exemplary work ethic and is an exceptional teammate and role model.

Kristen Castle, a first year, is an outside back from Gambrills, Maryland. Kristen can play on both flanks and has become an extremely versatile back for the Generals. She registered her first collegiate point in the win versus Hollins on October 5th.  “Castle” is a strong defender, tackles hard and has great recovery speed. We anticipate Kristen to build on her progress from last season and go on to have an excellent soccer career.

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Generals in the Spotlight: Two Southerners

March 31, 2017 by

The Generals in the Spotlight are two First-years, Laney Smith and Caroline Bailey.

Laney played in fifteen games for the Generals as a first-year, making the move from defender to a central midfield position. Laney is a tenacious player and loves to go hard into tackles. With a very competitive mentality, we expect Laney to battle hard on the field and have a breakout season in the fall of 2017.

Caroline Bailey is a forward from Decatur, GA that can play in the middle or out on the wing. She registered her first collegiate point in the win versus Hollins on October 5th with a great cross into the box. “Bailey” can strike a ball well with both feet and is working hard at her game to be a more complete college forward for the 2017 season. We are anticipating Caroline working hard over the summer to be ready for an excellent sophomore campaign.

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Generals in the Spotlight

March 24, 2017 by

The Generals in the Spotlight are two First-years, Kit Hamill and Caroline Coppinger.

Kit played in seven games for the Generals as a first year, making the move from defender to a central holding midfield position. Kit reads the game well, is a neat passer of the ball and we anticipate a solid spring season, so that she may establish herself in the Generals midfield for 2017.

Caroline (Coppy) played in all 20 games for the team as a first year from IMG Academy. Caroline played in central midfield and put her athleticism, grit and determination to good use for the team this year. We are expecting Coppy to continue to compete for spots in central midfield and become an excellent player for the Generals in 2017 when she adds a couple of key components to her overall game.

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