10 + Things I’ve Learned from W&L Women’s Soccer

April 4, 2014 by

By Coach Rachael


1) Using the phrase “tiny Thai girls” is acceptable.

2) Tucking your shirt into your shorts is so 2008.

3) Hair braids are stylish yet functional.

4) Hugging after a goal is scored must also include jumping simultaneously.

5) Completely peeing in your pants can be normal.

6) When Coach asks you “what else?” you better have an answer so come into his office with multiple subjects to talk about planned in advance.

7) Arrive to all W&L Women’s Soccer functions at least 1 hr 20 min. prior to the 30 min. early arrival time.

8) If the balls aren’t perfectly pumped, multiple players WILL comment loudly and kick them away for me to chase, pump, and get scolded at by Coach.

9) If I wear my hair in a different style, there will be comments. These include negatives ones, positive ones, and comments where I must read between the lines.

10) Routine, tradition, and superstitions are valued greatly. For example, before the first game I was told exactly where I had to stand pre-game and then was commented on the fact that I should have used two hands to high five, not one.

11) If you look at me like a deer in headlights when I coach you, you have no idea what I’m saying, but you’re going to be overly respectful and say “Ok, I understand” until I ask you 5 minutes later if you get what I’m saying and you say “no.”

12) “Timber” by Pitbull can be played on repeat 100 times and still sounds good.

13) Freshmen get all equipment, always…even when I stare at an upperclassmen in the face and ask them to pick something up.

14) If I ask for you to help me find ball kids or students you will email your sorority, let me know you emailed your sorority, and still not find me any ball workers.

15) Owning a white dress is a casual article of clothing that has many uses outside of weddings and Heaven.

16) It is not ok to be anything but humble about yourself…to the point where if one of you won the Nobel Peace Prize you’d not share. But it is acceptable to say you’re the best team on campus because that’s a fact.

February Break with Addie, Meg, and Harvey

February 28, 2014 by

Greetings, Gennies Nation! We, sophomores Addie Healy, Meaghan Latella and Erin Harvey, spent our February break together this year. Here’s a detailed account of the various shenanigans that took place during our exciting week in New England.


Meaghan’s Perspective: Over February break, Addie and Erin decided to brave the unknown and ventured to Connecticut to pay me a visit. Seeing as there is not an abundance of things to do in my tiny state, I decided that I would take them to the big city: New York! While there, we went to the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. We had a great time taking pictures with all of the (fake) celebrities. Here’s a casual shot of us and our new best friend, Pelé.



Addie’s Perspective: We also ventured to Windham to go skiing! After loading our pockets with pb&j and Erin’s favorite Kidz Clif bars, we hit the slopes. The weather was perfect, a little bit of snow fell early on leaving the slopes covered in a soft layer of powder. Thankfully, for me, because I spent most of the day tumbling down them…stopping was not in my amateur skill set!

Erin and Meaghan, quite the avid skiers, slalomed like true Gennies to the Waffle Cabin! I’ve never eaten something quite as great as that delicious sugar waffle. One for the books!

ImageTired, full, (and in my case snow covered) we piled into Meg’s car and headed back to good ol’ Wilton, CT! Just another great day to be a Gennie!












Erin’s Perspective: Two words. Stew Leonard’s. This grocery store may be my new “happy place.” While this might sound extreme, hear me out.  The store is set up like a maze and has more sample stands than Costco. As if that’s not enough, there are stuffed animals doing flips, giant fake cows that “moo” upon request, and talking Twinkies. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  After a long day of skiing, our adventure to Stew’s was the perfect way to spend the day. I can’t wait to go back!


Help Support Former General, Kat Barnes, in the Nashville Marathon!

February 24, 2014 by
Kat Barnes, Class of 2012, is running in the Nashville Marathon on April 26th. Click the following link to help support her fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital: http://heroes.stjude.org/katbarnes.
Originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, Kat competed as a forward for the Generals.  After graduating in May 2012, Kat moved to New York City in June to pursue a career in advertising.  She accepted a job at Havas Worldwide New York and signed a lease on a (very) small apartment in Chelsea.  She has worked on several different brands over the past year and a half and is currently the Account Executive on OppenheimerFunds.  
In her free time Kat loves running on the West Side Highway (training for the marathon), spending time with friends, traveling, and seeing live music. Kat also enjoys cooking and works on the weekends as an Events Teacher at Taste Bud’s Kitchen, a company that offers creative and unique cooking events and classes for kids.
Kat still breaks out her cleats every week competing on 2 different teams in the City.  Her coed Zog Sports squad (stacked with 5 Washington and Lee alums- including fellow Gen Katie Howard) won the conference Championship this fall on Roosevelt Island.  They’ll be reuniting in the Spring to defend their title!

Keeping it Going: By Super Sophomore Reporter Meaghan Latella

February 7, 2014 by

It is common for student athletes at Washington and Lee to give up playing their sports in order to have more free time. It is not so common, however, that a student begins college playing no sports at all and graduates as a member of two varsity teams.

Kingsley Schroeder, a senior from Dayton, Ohio, is the exception to the rule. Schroeder came to W&L having played many sports in high school, such as soccer, basketball, hockey and softball. But as a first-year, she was not a member of a sports team at W&L.

“I wasn’t as happy as I felt I could be during my first year,” said Schroeder. “I knew something was missing.” 

That “something” dawned on her one day when, as a sophomore, she came across an advertisement in Campus Notices that the Women’s Soccer Team needed a backup goalie. 

“Sports had always been such a huge part of my life,” she said. “I think that learning how to work for something together is a really important thing to be a part of.”

Schroeder responded to the notice and tried out for the soccer team. After putting her through a handful of drills, the coaches were impressed and offered her a roster spot.

Head Women’s Soccer Coach Neil Cunningham says he feels blessed that Schroeder joined the team and that he was able to coach her for three years.

“Kingsley brought great enthusiasm to our program every day,” he said. “She exemplifies the true meaning of a team player…[and] her energy is infectious.”

Cunningham said that Schroeder can “out work” most people, and that he has no doubt she has already brought her positive outlook and dedication to the lacrosse program.

“She will selflessly do anything to make the team better,” said Cunningham.

Sophomore soccer goalkeeper Addie Healy said that she was so excited to hear that Schroeder was going to play lacrosse. Healy said that Schroeder has always been so encouraging as a teammate, and that she will miss her next year.

“She made everything more fun, even the serious drills,” said Healy.

Schroeder’s ability to relate to everyone and her passion for sports caught the attention of her friend Meade Brewster, a fellow senior and one of the captains of the lacrosse team. The team currently has only one goalie on its roster.

“They were brainstorming people who would want to [be their second goalie], and the way I joined soccer made Meade think that maybe I’d be interested,” said Schroeder.

Before a couple of weeks ago, Schroeder had never picked up a lacrosse stick.

“That was a little daunting,” she said. “But it seemed like it would be a fun thing to try out. It really only took one practice for [me to see] it was so fun.”

Schroeder said that there are several big differences between being a soccer goalie and being a lacrosse goalie. For one thing, she said lacrosse has more rules to learn than soccer does. In addition, Schroeder said that the way she saves the ball and reads a shot is very different in lacrosse.

“A lot of times, just from soccer [habits], my body will get to the [lacrosse] ball before my stick,” she said. “The hardest part is knowing when they’re going to shoot. In soccer, it’s pretty obvious, but in lacrosse they’re [able to] fake you out easily.”

Head Women’s Lacrosse Coach Brooke Diamond O’Brien says she can relate to Schroeder’s transition from soccer to lacrosse. O’Brien began her athletic career as a soccer goalie, but in high school began playing lacrosse goalie as well.

“It’s great because I can make good comparisons for her,” said O’Brien. “It’s been incredible how quickly she’s picked things up. Her quickness, athleticism, and willingness to learn and make mistakes are really helping her.”

O’Brien says she is elated that Schroeder has decided to help out the team.

“It’s great to have a second goalkeeper,” she said. “But we’re just really excited to have her as a part of our program in general.”

 Schroeder said that she has yet to decide whether or not she will join the team as an official member, but she said that it is something she is strongly considering.

“For right now, I’m just helping them out,” she said. “But we’ll see. I’m really having so much fun

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Bring Back the Two-Sport Athlete!

February 4, 2014 by


Remember when we all played multiple sports and loved it? In my time at Washington and Lee I have seen some pretty successful two sport athletes combine their soccer career with playing another sport. It’s not easy and takes great sacrifice but it can be done.

Here are a few that I can remember. As I get older maybe I missed someone so I apologize in advance before you jump my case.

Emily Barker:      Soccer, Basketball and Track and Field

Heather Coleman: Soccer and Basketball

Huntley Rodes: Soccer and Track

Maggie Megear: Soccer and Lacrosse

Diana Dozier: Soccer and Track

Blair Haws: Soccer and Track

Maggie Sutherland: Soccer and Track

As you can see it’s a small and select group and this year we have two more to add to the list:

Kingsley Schroeder and Hollis Tardy are both playing Lacrosse and braving the sub-zero temperatures lately to stay busy and active and try to impact another program. Good luck to both brave souls and whilst we miss seeing them training with their soccer friends, we are also looking forward to cheering them on in some home games later this semester.

I have no doubt they will make their mark quickly and after the first week of practice the team voted the 2 of them as the team’s TOP GENERAL. This is awarded to someone that has a great week of practice and voted on by the team members. What can I say; they are well trained.

WARDY WINS THE SUPERBOWL (Seattle actually, but same thing)

February 3, 2014 by

Washington and Lee soccer’s very own # 10 Haley Ward saw her beloved Seattle Seahawks crush the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl yesterday. I for one was hoping for a Broncos win as I am a big fan of Peyton Manning but the Seahawks dominated to say the least in all phases of the game and deserved their victory.

After a long night of celebrating and the occasional smile from Wardy (but no hugging please) I sat down with our Washington state native for a very brief interview. Woman of few words is our Wardy so let’s just get to the point.

How do you feel after the Seahawks win?

I am ecstatic with the Seahawks win. I can’t stop smiling…it’s weird. It would have been nice to have had a more competitive game, but the result speaks for itself: Denver just couldn’t keep up. Goes to show that defense really does win championships! (Coach: interesting statement coming from a forward)

Who is your favorite player?

There are so many great players on this team so I have to pick two favorites: Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman.

What was the best play of the game?

Best play of the game in my opinion was Percy Harvin’s run to start the second half. That just put the game completely out of reach for the Broncos.

Malcolm Smith’s interception and touchdown before halftime was an outstanding play as well.


What was the best commercial?

Best commercial was the “Best Buds” Budweiser commercial.


What does a finely tuned college athlete eat for her Super Bowl food of choice?

My Super Bowl food consisted of chips with a delicious five-layer dip and a lot of mini “pigs in a blanket”, along with some other appetizers.


Gennies Go Skiing

January 27, 2014 by

The following entry was written by sophomore, Meaghan Latella:


“On a brisk Saturday morning, the sun shining and a 30% of snow in the forecast, a group of Gennies decided that the opportunity was not to be wasted on sitting inside all day. Instead,  Katherine Rush, Holley Beasley, KJ Lancaster, Jasmine Soo, Camille LeJeune and Meaghan Latella jumped in their cars and headed up to Wintergreen Mountain for a ski day. Although Jasmine, Meaghan and Camille took a few minor detours on the way there, they eventually arrived at the mountain safely. Once there, the Gennies waited for what seemed like an eternity on the line to rent ski equipment. Finally, they reached the front, got suited up, and were ready to hit the slopes. The snow was great and it wasn’t too cold– truly the perfect conditions for skiing! Jasmine, being the wise senior that she is, packed a bag of snacks to keep the team sustained throughout the day. In true Gennies’ fashion, some of the girls stopped at one point to plop in the snow at the top of the chairlift for a chocolate-covered-almond break. Eventually, the Gennies ventured into one of the lodges for a much needed warm meal. 4 bowls of chili, two hot dogs, two pretzels, one hamburger and numerous cups of hot cocoa later, they were ready to get back outside. Before leaving the mountain, the Gennies posed for a team picture to remember their day. I think they can all agree that it was one of the best Saturdays they’ve had all year!”



January 14, 2014 by

I came to Washington and Lee for my first season in 2001 and inherited a rather eclectic group of soccer players to say the least. One of these team members happened to be a certain # 14 Jane Ledlie, from Atlanta, GA. Jane was a junior that year, so we enjoyed two years together before graduation.

During Jane’s senior year the women’s soccer program won its first EVER conference title defeating Lynchburg on PK’s 5-4. Post-graduation Jane taught high school History for a couple of years before coming back to Lexington to attend Washington and Lee Law School.

While here in Lexington we had Jane join our staff as an assistant coach and she helped the team get back to winning ways by making it to the Elite 8 of the NCAA tournament.

Jane has the distinction of being the only player to play and coach the same school in the NCAA’s in the history of Washington and Lee women’s soccer.

Jane Ledlie Batcheller is now an associate in the Corporate and Securities Practice of Arnall, Golden, Gregory LLP, located in Atlanta, GA.


National Lampoon’s Generals Vacation (s)

January 8, 2014 by

When you get older you try to live vicariously through the more exciting exploits of your younger generation of soccer players. What did the Gennies soccer players get up to over the holidays?

Here are a few of the more exciting exploits. I am leaving out the usual family visits or trip to grandmother’s house to drink egg nog as our 4 readers may find that a little dull.

Ashley Hogan and Lucy Duet:

Our first year’s decided to bring in the New Year in the Big Apple. I have been telling my wife for years that I would love to do this and she thinks I am nuts. (bucket list) Kudos to our two young uns for braving the cold weather and the large crowds to welcome 2014 in with style.


Erin Harvey:

Sophomore Erin Harvey and family enjoyed a skiing trip to Colorado over the holidays. I cannot imagine Harvs on skis but sounds like she made it through relatively unscathed.


Rebecca Dunn:

Dunny and family went to Austria. That’s in Europe for you geographically challenged people. A quite beautiful country which has more to offer than “where the sound of music was filmed” as Dunny explained to me. Mental pictures of Dunny running through the Alps singing the theme song have been erased from my memory…..I hope.


Kate Sarfert: (Katie Clemmons)

Where better to escape the rigors of school than Disney World. Kate and family headed to the magical place where it is impossible to ever have a bad day. (until you check your credit card statement) While visiting Orlando Kate managed to meet up with another first year, Katie Clemmons who was watching her sister play soccer at a soccer tournament and also take in some of the Disney sights and sounds.


Meaghan Latella: Big Time Reporter

November 22, 2013 by

When not at practice our own # 26 Meaghan Latella leads a secret life as a roving reporter and guest writer/columnist for many local and national news outlets. This week her story was featured in the Rockbridge Report and I know I for one loved it and can now proudly say we have a published writer in our midst. Great job Meaghan!

Click here: Lexington Farmer’s Market Closing for Winter



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